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We believe that safety is the cornerstone of quality, and all Lourdeans are keen towards execution and perpetuation of safety programmes. We focus on connecting quality and patient safety with clinical care. This collaboration supports Lourdes Hospital for commitment to quality and patient care, which parallels major healthcare initiatives nationwide. Patient Safety Programmes at Lourdes hospital give emphasis on continuous enhancement of safety for all patients, visitors and employees.

Every employee plays a critical role in ensuring patient, visitor and employee safety. Additionally, the program strives for a culture of safety by implementing strategies which encourage error identification, remediation, non-punitive reporting and prevention through education, system redesign or process improvement for any adverse events.

Lourdes hospital maintains a non-punitive safety culture to deal with errors, with reporting mechanisms that help to prevent and correct system failures and human errors instead of seeking individual or organizational culpability.

The Governing Body, Internal Management Committee, Patient Safety Committee and all Lourdeans are committed to patient safety, assuring proactive assessment of high risk activities and hazardous conditions which give emphasis on areas such as patient's rights, patient family education, continuity of care and plan for managing performance deficit.

The Department of Quality oversees the comprehensive program of patient safety to monitor, assess and improve the quality of patient care and operational processes delivered at Lourdes Hospital. This plan supports the organizational policy to provide Excellence in Healthcare at an affordable cost in a safe and eco-friendly environment with state-of-the art technology, well-defined quality systems and competent professionals manifesting Jesus' Love in Service and to continuously improve our performance. The Department of Quality works hand in hand with the institutes to identify and address quality in order to excel in Quality via Patient Safety.

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We, at Lourdes Hospital, are committed to Excellence in Healthcare at an Affordable cost in a Safe and Eco-friendly Environment with State-of-the art Technology, Well-defined Quality Systems and Competent Professionals manifesting Jesus' Love in Service.

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