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Cochlear Implants that transformed a life!

“Cochlear Implant Surgery at Lourdes Hospital changes the life of a blind and deaf male patient
Kochi - Born blind, a 32 year old male patient from Alappuzha lost his hearing skills 16 years ago. His mother communicated with him by writing on his palm. He even attempted suicide as he could not see or hear anything. After several rounds with different doctors, they came to Lourdes Hospital where ENT specialist Dr. George Kuruvilla suggested cochlear implants on both ears. After his Cochlear implant surgery & undergoing speech and hearing therapy, he can now hear most of the words. He is now practicing his Braille and hoping to get a government job. ”

top hospitals in india

Rare Surgery Saves Baby's Life!

“The life of a premature baby with 'spontaneous intestinal perforation' saved by rare 'therapeutic Periotoneal drainage' procedure.
Kochi : A premature baby born with pores on the stomach was treated successfully by a procedure called 'therapeutic Periotoneal drainage'. The baby was born on the 26th week of pregnancy, and weighted only 800 gm. The premature birth led to a condition called 'spontaneous intestinal perforation', which is characterised by pores all over the stomach. Dr. Rojo Joy, HOD of Neonatology at Lourdes Hospital performed the new procedure instead of opting for open surgery. The child was given artificial respiration, Bubble CPAP, incubator, developmental supportive care and nutrition therapy and is now very healthy. ”

top hospitals in india

Tackling Rheumatoid Arthritis with Total Knee Replacement Surgery!

“A wheel chair bound, 70 year old woman gets a new lease in life at Lourdes Hospital.
A team of doctors in Lourdes Hospital performed a total knee replacement surgery on a 70 year old woman patient suffering from advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis using the recently launched Triathlon system. The team led by Dr. John T. John performed the surgery on the patient. The surgery using the triathlon system is performed first time in Kerala will help in faster recovery and better stability. Now she can walk without pain and lead a normal life. ”

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