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In the current scenario Neonatology is one of the most advanced medical specialities in modern medicine. Because of this, preterm babies that are born as little as 24 weeks of gestation (minimal viable period) have significantly increased chance of survival.

Babies who are born preterm may not have fully developed body system, which can make survival difficult due to the fact that lungs may not be able to breath; heart may not be pumping blood efficiently etc. Modern NICUs are equipped with technologies that allows doctors to compensate for the under developed body systems.

Lourdes Hospital, Kochi is equipped with state of the art Level 4 Neonatal Intensive care unit (NICU) which is the best in the region.

A glance at our success

Baby Kashvi who was an extreme preterm 23 weeks born on 1/5/2019 born after multiple abortions and infertility treatments with the birth weight of just 380gms ,was discharged from hospital with a weight of 1.4Kg after 3 months of dedicated care by Perinatal and Intensive care team. Baby Kashvi was then the Second smallest baby to have survived in India and smallest in Kerala.



Our specialists undertake all common and essential procedures in managing all premature and sick neonate babies, which include Perinatal Counselling, State of the art Birth Suite, Resuscitation by trained neonatal team, Transport Incubators, Exothermic Mattress, Advanced Neonatal Ventilators, CPAP machines, High flow oxygen devices, Therapeutic Hypothermia for birth asphyxia, Advanced Cardiopulmonary monitoring Equipments, One to one nursing by certified nurses, Total Parenteral Nutrition preparation and Infusion , Lactational Support System, LED Phototherapy, Bedside Xray, Ultrasound imaging & Echocardiography, Umbilical venous and arterial line catheterization, Percutaneous central venous line insertion, Intercostal Chest drain insertion, Blood product transfusion, Exchange transfusion, Peritoneal Dialysis, Developmental therapy, High risk follow up unit.



We at Lourdes is also equipped with D - Level Ambulance with Transport Ventilator and Incubator with a dedicated transport team to serve you.




Facilities available in NICU

  • Open Care Infant Warmers
  • Double walled incubators
  • Ventilator with Pulmonary Graphic Display
  • Mira Cradle for Therapeutic Hypothermia
  • Bubble CPAP
  • Opti-Flow
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Multiparameter Monitors
  • LED Phototherapy Units
  • Syringe Infusion Pumps
  • Laminar Flow System
  • Neo Puff
  • Exothermic Mattress
  • One to one nursing by skilled nurses


IAP Fellowship in Neonatology


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State of the art Phototherapy units

hospitals in kochi

Advanced Radiant Warmer with temperature control monitoring unit

hospitals in kochi

Advanced Tranport Incubator with temperature control

hospitals in kochi

State of the art Incubator with temperature and humidity control for premature babies

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Highly advance Ventilator facility for premature babies

hospitals in kochi

State of the art high frequency ventilator for babies with breathing difficulties

hospitals in kochi


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