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Lourdes Hospital, one of Kochi's most trusted health care providers is dedicated to offer you a comprehensive and excellent medical care under one roof.

Health checkup packages will help you to manage health problems effectively if it is detected earlier. Lourdes hospital has designed a number of  Health Checkup programme based on different medical profiles. In today's fast growing world most of us tend to ignore our health until we are compelled to confront a medical complication.

Lourdes Hospital offers a wide range of health checkup packages to cover all age groups and both the genders.
Consultation will be given by a team of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals. The consultant, based on the result of your report will give you proper advice.

A penny worth of prevention is worth a pound of cure and this is where the concept of preventive, pro-active health checkup comes in.

Lourdes Hospital has always prided itself on providing quality healthcare at an affordable price with a personal human touch our motto sums up our ideal "Service with love".

Lourdes Hospital offers a wide variety of preventive health checkup designed to pick up symptoms and signs of disease well before they become evident.

  • A series of tests and examination under the supervision of team of competent and experienced professionals.
  • All investigations are carried out on state-of-the-art equipments.
  • All services provide under the same roof.
  • Time taken for the checkup: 4 - 6 Hours
  • The reports are explained to you.
  • Your medical records are stored for future.

Health Packages:

  • 1. Comprehensive - Female
    Investigations Lab Test
    X-ray-chest Blood R/e Platelet
    Electrocardiogram Urine Routine
    TMT/ECHO Fasting Blood Sugar
    Ultrasound Scan with Film Lipid Profile
    Physio-Exercise Reanal Function Test
    P.F.T(Pulmonary Function Test) Liver Function Test
    Mammography Bilateral Cytology-Papsmear
    Diet Counseling TSH

    T 4
      2 Hrpc
  • 2. Comprehensive - Male
  • 3. Comprehensive - Master Female
  • 4. Comprehensive - Master Male
  • Our Health Checkup coordinator - Dr. Shaju Cheringal Sadanandan , Mob: 9846174466
  • Inform us your convenient date for visit : +91 484 412 1336, +91 484 412 1337
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