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The Medical social Work department was introduced in 11th June 2012 as an extension of the department of Lourdes Institute of Behavioural Science. There are three staff in this department and each are assigned with specific duties. The Medical Social Worker, as a team member of the multidisciplinary team of health professionals contribute to the holistic well being of the patients in the hospital by applying the methods of Social Work. Focus is given to the psychological, social and economic aspect of the patient and family members. The patients of Neurosurgery, Neurology, Cardiac Surgery, Nephrology and Transplantation etc. are helped by the department through psycho social Assessment of patients, providing supportive counseling, psycho-education regarding their illness and thus helping them to cope up with their situation.

The other activities are:

  • Conducts Socio Economic assessment of the patients with a view to identify eligible patients recommended for hospital concession on the medical expenses incurred and provide relevant information to the management.
  • Uses external resources by networking with agencies and institutions in order to provide financial assistance to the poor patients in their treatment. Keeps updating on the government schemes provided for the patients for treatment purpose and providing information about to patients.
  • Provides supportive therapy to patients undergoing Renal Transplantation and Cardiac Surgery.
  • Promotes Organ donation awareness activities and conduct awareness sessions for the hospital staff.
  • Provides clinical and consultative supervision for student social workers about Medical and Psychiatric Social Work.
  • Participate in hospital staff training and educational programmes.
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