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The department of anaesthesiology supports all specialities and provides inter-disciplinary medical care. The applications of anaesthesia include surgery, diagnostics, critical care and pain management. Our trained team of anaesthesiologists provide patient-centred services in perioperative clinical services in surgery and allied specialties including critical care and pain management.

The department functions 24/7

Facilities & Services

  • Pre-anaesthetic evaluation
  • Monitored anaesthesia care
  • Intricate monitoring intra operatively and post operatively
  • Labour analgesia
  • Anaesthesia for ECT, MRI, Neuro radiological procedures
  • Medical post graduate training (DNB) in Anaesthesiology
  • ACLS, BLS training
  • Ventilator support to post-operative cases
  • Critical care to patients admitted in ICUs
  • Haemo dynamic support and Ventilator support to surgical patients
  • Course for diploma in Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technician (DME Approved)
  • Advanced haemodynamic monitoring
  • Invasive and Non- invasive ventilation
  • ARDS Ventilation
  • BiPAP facility
  • Sepsis Management
  • Bedside Cardiac Output Monitoring
  • Bedside Critical Care Sonology


The critical care department of Lourdes hospital provides a full spectrum of medical, surgery and trauma critical care services to patients with the help of modern equipment and highly qualified and experienced specialists. The ICU provides acute care for those patients who are generally unstable, critically ill and those in urgent need of advanced monitoring and intensive ventilator management. A multidisciplinary team with unwavering commitment and teamwork take care of operations of the critical care unit. Consultants and residents trained in the care of critically ill patients manage the ICU round the clock, with the help of specially trained qualified nursing staff. Critically ill patients in all the ICU's are looked after by this team.

The medical ICU is fully equipped with high end monitors, ventilators and central monitors.


  • Critical care of all medical patients in all ICUs
  • Invasive monitoring & ventilator support
  • Sepsis management
  • Cardio pulmonary resuscitation
  • Critical care to any other department on request.


DNB Residents

  • Dr. E M Hameeda MBBS
  • Dr. Ancy Rajan MBBS, DA
  • Dr. Parvathy K R MBBS, DA
  • Dr. Sainul Abideen E M MBBS
  • Dr. Aswathi M P MBBS, DA
  • Dr. Gopika Gopinath L MBBS, DA
  • Dr. Lulu Liyana MBBS
  • Dr. Aparna R Nath MBBS
  • Dr.Jithin D MBBS
  • Dr.Jasna R MBBS
  • Dr.Swetha Mohan MBBS
  • Dr.Ashly Asok L MBBS
  • Dr.Seban Zacharias MBBS, DA

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