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19 May 2017

Timely medical intervention saves Baby's life!

Kochi: The life of a pre-mature baby girl was saved through a modern but rare treatment at Lourdes Hospital here. The procedure was carried out by a team of doctors led by head of Neonatology Department Dr. Rojo Joy. Juvan Maria, baby of Eldho and Preena of Kolencherrv, was born in the sixth month of pregnancy. "The baby was suffering from grade -IV intra-ventricular bleeding. Her weight had dropped to 460 gm when she was brought to the hospital. The glucose level in the child's blood was dangerously low and her blood pressure was very high. Her life was saved through modern treatment method called 'Octreotide injection and developmental therapy', which required two months of intensive care. The child was discharged in a healthy condition, and her weight had increased to 1.4 kg. Now, she is five months old and her growth is normal.

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