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The Department provides diagnostic services of Surgical Pathology, Cytopathology, Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology and Blood Bank. Senior consultants and specialists in Pathology along with experienced and dedicated technical staff provide the services. We are well equipped with laboratory information system.


Facilities & Services - Histopathology

Provides diagnostic services of Surgical Pathology and Haematology. These include subspecialties like Gastrointestinal pathology, Dermatopathology, and Neuropathology. Immunohistochemistry, Intraoperative squash cytology for brain tumours, CT guided Fine Needle Aspiration biopsies and Peripheral blood smear and Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy studies are done.

Facilities & Services - Cytopathology

Cervical Smear including procedure (LBC technique), FNAC procedure IP & OP and referrals from outside). CT guided and USS guided FNAC, Fluid, Urine and Sputum Cytology


The microbiology lab provides comprehensive services for screening of infectious diseases and advanced diagnostic techniques for the detection of pathogen involved in infection process.

Facilities and services

  • Staining procedures for bacterial, fungal and mycobacterial studies.
  • Culture of all samples including blood, urine, pus, secretion and body fluid
  • Automated Bac T Alert system for blood culture
  • Automated VITEK 2 compact for bacterial identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing for accurate results in the shortest possible time which may be life saving for the patient
  • Participating in revised national TB control program (RNTCP)
  • Crucial support to the hospital infection control team


Haematology & Clinical Pathology

Using 5 part cell counter for routine haematology, fully automated machine for ESR & Urine analysis. Analysis of all Body fluids done.


Laboratories with fully automated analysers using recent advances in technology, Blood gas analysis, Cardiac markers done.


DNB Residents

  • Dr. Jessy K Jose MBBS, DCP
  • Dr. Athira G B MBBS
  • Dr. Ida George MBBS, DCP
  • Dr. Arya R S MBBS

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