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Being in hospital can be a scary time but has to be as healthcare is a necessity rather than a luxury. It’s an alien environment where there are sometimes more questions than answers and we are here to answer all your queries and solve your issues to bring a smile on your face.

Information Desk

We live in a world where iPhones, laptops and iPads can connect us instantly and we assure that we can get back to you with information at the same pace.
Lourdes Information Desk is at your fingertips: Just dial 0484 412 1234 / 1233


Lourdes ensures comprehensive treatment and complete patient care across all medical super-specialty and sub-specialty areas using latest advanced technologies.
If you need to make an appointment for consultation, please dial 0484 412 1201 / 1205.


We treat each family with kindness, respect and the compassionate support we would wish for ourselves or our loved ones in similar circumstances.
For emergency related services, please dial 0484 412 3000.

Complaint Management Cell

Lourdes Complaint Management System boils down to two concepts: attention and communication. That probably seems incredibly simple, but the truth is that too many patients become dissatisfied due to the lack of these two.
Complaint Management Cell listens to each feedback, analyses and communicates to the concerned to solve the issue and to give you finest satisfaction at 0484 412 1101 / 1900.

International Desk

Lourdes provides leading-edge technology and practices in a family friendly environment where the physicians, nurses and non-clinical staff joins together to give you the excellent health care. Lourdes International Desk answer queries of international patients related to health check-up packages, treatment cost, length of stay at 0484 412 1101 / +91 9496002266. 

Lourdes Customer Service Office is available round the clock to answer any questions or address all issues about care, treatment, services or patient safety that might arise during your visit or stay. We also organize tour visits according to your interests, for further queries contact customercare@lourdeshospital.in. You can contact our Customer Service Helpline at 0484 412 3456 / 412 1900 or visit our office on the Ground Floor - LHINC Level 1.

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